The Databank is jointly developed and launched by the Information Center for Worldwide Asia Research (ICWAR)of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) and Beijing Superstar Information Technology Co., Ltd. This is a digital databank specializing in the collecting, organizing, filing, showcasing and retrieval of the information on Asia research. Its mission is: with digital resources and network media technology, and by taking advantage of the 58 foreign language programs available at BFSU, to collect and integrate as much academic resources on Asia research as possible in the whole world, to provide timely information services by the most efficient means, to set up academic exchange platforms, to fulfill the core functions of the Information Center for Worldwide Asia Research based at BFSU, and to promote the prosperity and development of Asia research.
   The Databank provides information inquiry services on books, articles in periodicals, conference papers, research institutes, and journals in Chinese and foreign languages, in the field of Asia research. It also summarizes and presents information on issues of current interest in a timely manner through backstage statistics and manual analysis, and provides the latest and accurate information on academic development trends for Asia researchers.
   The Databank is a collection of information on Asia research from the Superstar Digital Library, the BFSU Library, the world-renowned academic resource providers of Elsevier, Springer, Wiley and Ensco, and internet media resources. Its great amount of highly academic information updates very quickly, covering political, economic, historical, cultural, and educational areas. The literature of the Databank can be browsed, retrieved, read and transmitted. The navigation and browsing can be done by way of either literature classification or information categorization for inquiries in comprehensive, combined and advanced methods. Information retrieval is fast and the results presented are standardized.
   By May 2013, the Databank has collected 370,530 pieces of information and resources of various kinds, including 3745 for books, 308,603 for journal articles, 24,659 for conference papers, 28 for research institutions, and 28 for journals. 57,576 pieces of information are in English, Japanese, and Korean and the rest in Chinese.